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Handmade Jewelry

Unique pieces crafted by Colombian artisans

Unique Jewelry that tells stories and improves lives

Akiani promotes a small community of craftsmen located in Mompox-Colombia. They are skilled in the Mompox filigree technique, which is the art of making silver and gold threads to create unique jewelry. Colombian artisans have mastered the secrets and knowledge of this technique for more than 300 years. Yet, they have passed on their knowledge from generation to generation. 


The Filigree of Mompox

mompoxSince the days of my childhood, I have always been enamored with Mompox, that quaint, picturesque little town where my paternal grandfather, a vallenato singer and an avid guitar enthusiast, was born. Through the internet, I would peruse photos of the town’s colorful colonial houses, which seemed like something out of a very old movie.READ MORE

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